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tinted windows in Franklin, TN

This month’s local business spotlight is a special one. Stephanie’s cousin (Ron’s niece) gave birth to her first child in June and we are all completely smitten with him. He is so precious and has kept the whole family ooohing and aaahing nonstop for two months. It hasn’t been an easy two months for Baby Franklin though, and his parents want to thank a local business that went out of its way to make a difficult journey a little easier. Read their letter below… 

“I would like to take a moment and highlight a local small business that went above and beyond to help my family when we were in need.

In June my first child was born three weeks early with Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria (CEP). This disorder essentially makes him allergic to the sun. My wife and I only discovered this after nearly 50% of my sons body had been burnt my the light treatment he was receiving for jaundice. Because of this we have been in the hospital healing his skin and learning everything about his affliction that we can.

During our research we found that to protect our son at home we need incandescent light bulbs, black out curtains, our home windows covered with filters and our car windows tinted. All this to prevent light getting to our baby.

As I write this it is now the first week of August and the doctors told us he could go home soon. On Monday I started calling car tinting companies about getting my wife’s car tinted so we could safely transport our son home. After the fourth or fifth company telling me they were booked out too far to help us, (who new car tinting places would be booked out in the summer during a heat wave), I call Solar Solutions in Franklin TN. Hope answered the phone and I explained what was going on with my son. She must have heard the desperation in my voice because even though they were booked out for ten days she told me to come in on Wednesday.

The next day while getting ready to deliver packages for FedEx I received a call from CJ, the manager of Solar Solutions. He told me he learned about the situation my family was in from Hope and had decided to tint my wife’s vehicle free of charge, I was dumbstruck. The entire day I didn’t believe what I heard was correct, people just don’t do things like that. On Wednesday I arrived at Solar Solutions at my the appointed time expecting maybe CJ meant they would not charge me for the labor cost but I would pay for the materials or something like that. Two hours later Hope brought me the keys back and told me to go see my baby. No charge, zero dollars, nothing. At that point Hope asked me to show some photos of my son to CJ. While doing that he asks me if we would need the windows tinted or covers with UV filters. I told him we would and explained there was a special window covering we would need. CJ said they would be happy to install it for us. I was thinking “of course we will have your company install it, you just got a customer for life helping my family so much already.” On my drive to the hospital I received a text message from CJ saying he was happy to help my family during our time of need and had decided to donate the labor to install the special film to the windows and his supplier would donate the material. Again I could not believe what was happening.

To sum up, Solar Solutions in Franklin Tn, surpassed my greatest expectations when I called them on Monday. I will be using them for any and all services they offer that I will be needing in the future and I hope anyone hearing this story will do the same. Words can not adequately explain how grateful I am to Solar Solutions.” —Robert R.

How incredible is that?! Not only did they tint their car windows free of charge, but they offered the same service for their home windows, too! Huge thank you to CJ and Hope for their compassion and this huge blessing to our family. The world could use a little more of that.

Solar Solutions is located at 1812 Columbia Avenue in Franklin, TN. Follow them on Facebook and be sure to give them a call at (615) 790-8468 or email [email protected] next time you have any window tinting needs!

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