Benchmark Realty, LLC

The Benchmark Story

This statement won me over when considering to join Benchmark..."At Benchmark we have faith in our people, our process, and in God, allowing you to build your business effectively and ethically."

In March 2006 Phillip Cantrell launched Benchmark Realty LLC, with his wife Amanda as his business partner, in the front room of a house in downtown Franklin TN. Primarily established to service high-end new construction in the Williamson County area, the company followed a traditional broker model for the agents and quickly grew to become a 13-agent firm. Then came the economic downturn in early 2007, accompanied by the decline and eventual closure of almost all of the firm’s builder clients. That was immediately followed, in the fall of 2007, with the news that the firm’s largest client had decided to start an in‐house real estate division, enticing several of the firm’s agents to make that move. Almost immediately, the firm shrank to just 5 agents with a resultant loss in sales volume and causing the firm to face bleak prospects.

Not one to accept defeat, Phillip embarked on a thorough research effort to determine what was THE most successful business model employed in the major markets of the Eastern United States, which was not being done in the Greater Nashville area. Based on that extensive research, a new business plan was formulated in December 2007 and January of 2008. Benchmark reorganized and relaunched in February 2008 under a revolutionary brokerage model. Combined with an aggressive recruiting campaign, the company has seen rapid growth since then, consistently adding 9‐12 new agents to the roster each month. In fact, the firm has seen a doubling in all major indicators for each year of the past 3 years. Those indicators are gross sales volume, gross commission income, profitability, transaction count and agent count. This cumulative success has pushed Benchmark into the ranks of the top five real estate firms in the Greater Nashville area and perhaps into the top 10 in the entire state of Tennessee.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement reflects the values and principals that we hold true to our hearts here at Benchmark. No fluff, no hype, just a group of quality people doing our absolute best for our clients. Every day.

As a company, we will consistently deliver 110% of our clients' expectations in every real estate transaction, thereby adding true value to every relationship.

As our name defines, our performance will become the standard by which all other brokerages are measured.

As our Faith requires, we will be guided by Christian principles in every decision. Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, and Strength of Character will be our guideposts.

As our family deserves, we will allocate the appropriate attention to our personal lives in order to receive the support we need in our professional endeavors.

While maintaining these guiding ideals, Benchmark Realty will become the primary market force in residential real estate within the Greater Nashville area, beginning with Williamson County.

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