Tennessee has always been known for its down-home southern cooking, but in recent years Nashville has become recognized as a national culinary hotspot, thanks to a rush of top-notch chefs and restaurateurs serving all types of cuisines.  One of the city’s most famous food crazes is most likely Nashville Hot Chicken, which is served at many establishments around town and even celebrated with its own festival every summer.  The Nashville Farmers’ Market has been a vital part of life in Nashville since it was established in 1828, and with the farm-to-table movement spreading across the country in recent years, neighborhood and suburban farmers markets have become more popular as well.  Nashville also has a thriving food-truck scene, offering up quick and delicious workday lunches or scrumptious dishes for festival goers. For a list of Nashville’s unique, locally-owned restaurants, visit Nashville Originals.  The artistic spirit of Nashville has spilled over into its kitchens, bakeries, and bars, and is serving up just about any type of cuisine imaginable.

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